Update: We have ears… (so does Google)

I received both of these cards yesterday from the angry woman in the last post. Not only that, her daughter (whom I’ve never met and doesn’t live here) thought to write me a card too! Y’all, I don’t think you realize how much these little things mean to us funeral directors. These little morsels of kindness keep our inner lights turned on. They are something that on the bad days, when nothing seems to go right and no one seems to be happy, when you’re wondering why the heck you’re even still standing… its these cards stuck to our desk wall that remind us why we do what we do.

“Dear Heather, It was such a pleasure and a relief to meet you here in my home this afternoon. I appreciate you bringing the cremains to me and for getting the tribute page looking so great! Leave it to a woman to get the job done, and with style and compassion. Sincerely yours,…”

“Dear Heather, I’m writing to thank you for stepping in to help my mom,…, with the outstanding tasks related to my Dad’s passing. Mom was becoming more and more anxious about the things that were unresolved. Your kindness and compassion helped relieve those burdens. I’m grateful for the lovely tribute page that you created for my Dad. Thanks so much,…”

Now if you really want to thank your funeral director in a way that gets upper management attention, give them a Google Review! Our bosses don’t use cards as a measure of employee success (unfortunately, because these are gold to me)… they use Google Reviews. So if you have ever had a good funeral director, or know of a funeral director who you think needs a good shout out, maybe they’re doing something amazing in their community, maybe they’ve touched your heart in some way, or you went to a service where nothing went wrong…

One thought on “Update: We have ears… (so does Google)

  1. I have shared your “Ears” story with the world on my FB because I want everyone to know what an amazing daughter I have ! I can’t even begin to put into words how that story touched my heart and so many others ! Heather, I am proud beyond measure of the woman you are and the blessing you are to so many !


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