The cat’s out of the … refrigerated semi?

I have spent the past couple of months going back and forth on how to write about this. I come up with great points and posts to write but then I have no time to write it. Every moment I’m not working I’m trying my best to take care of my body and mind so that I can wake up the next morning and be a human to other humans who are grieving. This new surge in deaths is by far worse than the first wave. On many levels and for many reason (most of them political, which is so whack). I’ll keep this post short because it seems that I can’t NOT address the gigantic elephant in the refrigerated semi at in front of my funeral home. The local and national news have made it evident that this is something that needs to be address. So rest assured, I’ll get my head in the blogging game and put words to paper for you all soon.

Just know that in the meantime, we are all tired, we are all mentally, emotionally, physically exhausted and frustrated but still putting in our all to give every deceased in our care the best possible respect and care that every human deserves. It is ever present in our mind that each and every person in our coolers are someone’s person and for that reason they will be treated as if they are our own person too.

But the bodies keep piling up (not literally, they each get their own space), and they just keep coming. We are down employees and we are running from case to case like roadrunners escaping the coyotes except we’re out of tricks.

So keep an eye out for updates, I promise they’re coming.

Mask it up or casket up people, we’re all not getting out of this alive.